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A Fun Way to Learn the New Testament

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A Fun Way to Learn the New Testament!

The NT27 New Testament Keyword Learning SystemTM is an innovative and FUN way to learn the “big ideas” of the New Testament! Eye-catching graphics filled with lots of hidden keys help unlock the big ideas of each book–from Matthew to Revelation! Once each clue is discovered and the key to the visuals is learned, you’ll be able to describe with incredible detail the major theme of each book. You’ll be amazed at how much you’ll remember for years to come!

Flashcards are a great way to remember and recall information! Use the NT27 Flashcards as a game:

  • show Side 1, and ask your child to identify both the book of the Bible as well as the theme of that book based on the illustration
  • shuffle the cards for even deeper recall
  • put the cards on the floor, illustration side up, and ask your kids to put the cards in order
  • read the description on Side 2 and ask your child to name the book and theme
  • ask your child to recite the names of all 27 books of the New Testament
  • and more!

The NT27 Flashcards are ideal for Sunday school, homeschool, Vacation Bible School, ministry outreach, or for every day learning fun! (Actual size: 2″ X 3″)

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