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Changing lives in nearly 130 countries through God's Word

The Bible is a gift from God to us. From parables to poetry, from a love song to a genealogy, from a talking donkey to a large fish that swallowed a man, the Bible tells the story of God. In its pages, God’s character is revealed, His love and judgment are revealed, His very Truth is revealed.

Yet many people around the world do not read and engage with the Bible.

Why? In some places, it’s lack of access. In others, it’s apathy and confusion. In still other places, it’s due to persecution, lack of resources, or because a pastor has never been biblically trained to teach the Bible well.

Whatever the reason, we know that when God’s Word is a part of our daily lives, we grow spiritually. Lives are changed. Marriages are healed. Families stay together. Communities are impacted, persecuted believers are comforted, and so much more. 

Walk Thru the Bible’s innovative tools and training not only make disciples within the church. They also have been widely used in public school systems in places like UK and Ghana and Nigeria; influenced government agencies in places like Honduras and Romania and the Philippines; helped kids in Ukraine orphanages and after-school programs; and have helped change lives in 141 countries around the world. That impact equals nearly 5 million lives every year—that’s almost 5 million more people who have the opportunity to encounter God through His Word.

And when people encounter the living God through His Word, everything changes.

When you support the global ministry of Walk Thru the Bible, you are a catalyst in this movement of life change and spiritual growth. You are making Kingdom impact.


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