A Study of the Life of Simon Peter

With a chisel, a plan, and a lot of patience, the Master Artist transforms a chunk of rock into a masterpiece. Yet this particular work of art is not on display in the finest museum but in the pages of God’s Word. There we see God take the brash and impulsive Simon Peter and turn him into the man, the leader, God always intended him to be. We can learn a lot from Peter’s life as we look at how he was:

  • Called to Follow
  • Willing to Risk
  • Challenged to Grow
  • Motivated to Serve
  • Allowed to Fail
  • Restored to Lead

In God’s hands, anyone can become a masterpiece. His work in Peter’s life shows how He can work in our lives, too, to lovingly shape and sculpt us into the likeness of His Son, living masterpieces that will forever reflect the beauty and glory of the Artist Himself.

Chiseled is available as a 6-session DVD with participant workbooks.

Workbook Contains:

  • Fill-in-the-blank notes to help participants follow along and remember what they learned
  • Application questions
  • Group discussion questions
  • Leader’s guide

Free Samples:

Also Available for Streaming

Perfect for small groups!

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