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We’re delighted that you have chosen to host an event! For over 40 years, Walk Thru the Bible has been helping people just like the folks in your church to understand–and remember–the big picture of Scripture and creating excitement for reading God’s Word for themselves.

When would you like to have the event?
Obviously the farther out we can plan, the more time you’ll have to promote the event, but we can work with your schedule. For best results, you will want to schedule your event no earlier than about six weeks out. You’ll need to allow about three hours for the event itself (including breaks), which means you can have it on a Saturday morning, Sunday morning/afternoon, or use one of many other formats.

What are the costs?
In addition the scheduling fee, the cost per person to attend the event is $10. That covers the event itself, and includes a full-color, extensive workbook for each attendee. After the attendees pay their tuition, you would remit that amount to your instructor. There may also be a small amount due for the instructor’s travel to your site, which you would also turn in to the instructor.

Who will be leading the event?
Your event will be led by a trained Walk Thru the Bible instructor. This individual is highly committed to helping your people 1) have a GREAT experience learning the big picture of Scripture and 2) leave the event equipped to dig in to God’s Word for themselves. This instructor will also help you as you prepare for your event, and work with you to build attendance.

What now?
You’ll be contacted by our staff and connected with your instructor so you can begin planning! We’ll be glad to answer any questions you have.


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