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Steve Graves has a job that’s a little hard to define. Put simply, he’s a consultant and advisor for CEO’s, businesses owners, and entrepreneurs. But in reality, that description doesn’t begin to cover all the aspects of this career he’s created for himself.

“Early in my life, I felt like God called me to the Monday-Friday side of life, not just the Saturday-Sunday side of life.” This is how Steve Graves explains finding his calling when he was still in high school. He wanted to blend his loves of theology and business in a way that often confused his classmates, teachers, and mentors. He describes himself as “intellectually ambidextrous,” holding a theological book in his left hand and the Harvard Business Review in his right.

So what was the driving force behind this unusual calling? “I have a real passion for the CEO, the business owner, the entrepreneur who’s trying to figure out how they allow the power, the scope, the reach, and the intent of the gospel…to inform and transform how they live life on a Tuesday morning at ten.”

This all began when Steve realized Scripture had the answers to the problems he was facing. Whether he was dealing with grief or money or confusion, Scripture had something to say. And he knew that people outside of the walls of the church needed its wisdom. If the Bible could help him, it could help leaders in the business world too.

Today, Steve has written eighteen books and worked with thousands of leaders across every industry imaginable. He has launched and sold a magazine called Life@Work. He has built a successful business that gives him the opportunity to fulfill his calling and do what he loves. And he’s done it all because he knows the Bible has the power to change our lives. It’s changed his, and it can change yours too.

You can find out more about Steve here at his website.

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