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Boris Volkov: On facing the Valley of the Shadow of Death

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In this episode of Step Into the Story podcast, Phil talks with Boris Volkov, Walk Thru the Bible’s Regional Director in Northern Eurasia, about his experience with the modern world’s greatest fear—a COVID-19 diagnosis. Boris shares the experience of fighting for his life, the fear of receiving a terminal report, the pain of saying goodbye to his family, the comfort of a community of believers, and the miracle of his healing.

A few weeks before his diagnosis, Boris shared a message with his fellow WTB regional directors on the topic of God being our refuge. Little did he know how that theme was about to play out in his own life.

Boris spent a grand total of 47 days in the hospital, the majority of them in ICU. During this time, his doctor told him that he probably would not live, and he was forced to do one of the most difficult things anyone could ever do—say goodbye to his wife, Lilya, and his three children, Eugene, Maria, and Eva.

However, Boris’s family and friends weren’t about to give up on him, and neither was God. Lilya and a massive, worldwide community of believers joined together in weeks of relentless prayer on his behalf. Today, Boris is a living testimony of God’s power, grace, and love.

Find out how God intersected Boris’s story with His Story, how engaging with Scripture changed his outlook, and how this devastating situation redefined Boris’s faith.

And learn how you can find your true story in God’s Story.

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