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It is a blessing to partner with Illinois Baptist State Association Churches! Our joint strategy is to get people into the Bible every day as they walk in relationship with Jesus. Beyond salvation, daily Bible engagement has the greatest impact on every life. We hope to partner with you to see salvation, spiritual growth and life change in each person you minister to in your church and community.

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An Unforgettable Bible Experience: otLIVE and ntLIVE

Research shows that the life of a person who engages with the Bible at least four times a week is significantly different from the life of a person who doesn’t. Bible reading and engagement is critical to our spiritual growth.

But Bible reading is on the decline, with studies showing that 58% of churchgoers don’t read the Bible or only read it a few times a year, and among Bible readers, only 11% have read all of it. And in 2020, Bible readership declined dramatically due to the pandemic—the latest Barna/American Bible Society study on Bible engagement shows that during the pandemic, daily Bible readership dropped from 14% to 9%.

Accessibility to the Word of God doesn’t seem to be the problem—we have  unprecedented access to the Bible as well as countless Bible studies and other resources. So how can we grow spiritually if we don’t engage with Scripture?

What if there was an event that would make the Bible come alive in a fun and creative way that would inspire people to read it every day?

At Walk Thru the Bible, we help people everywhere live God’s Word. Through our otLIVE and ntLIVE events, we unpack the big-picture story of the Bible, tell the larger narrative of the Bible, and connect the dots of the Old and New Testaments. Unforgettable, fun, interactive, energetic, biblical, solid—these are just a few of the words people use to describe Walk Thru the Bible’s unforgettable Bible experience.

And after the event, more than 75% of the attendees commit to reading the Bible every day. When people engage with Scripture, lives are changed, families are healed, communities are impacted. Because the Bible changes everything!

So what are you waiting for?

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“The live event was probably the best, deepest, and simplest teaching I have ever received in my 32 years as a Christian. I would recommend and endorse this for any church, denomination, or individual. Fantastic!” —Pastor Steve Dixon, Freedom Fellowship

Frequently asked Questions

  • Why Walk Thru the Bible?
    Walk Thru the Bible is known globally for innovative Bible teaching that connects with all learning styles. Our proven training methods will also help you learn exciting new communication skills that transfer to any subject.
  • What’s involved in setting up a live event?
    Once you decide which event you would like to do first, pick some dates that will work for your church. Our ministry consultants will help you with all of the details from picking the format, to promoting the event, to connecting you with the right instructor. Help us help you get connected.
  • How old do you have to be for a live event? Do you have anything for kids? Teenagers?
    There is no age limit for our events. In fact, we have something for everyone at any age and any stage of life. (Most kids are at least elementary school age.) Check out our event descriptions for more information.
  • I’m not really a group person. Will I have fun? Learn anything?
    We know, we know . . . we keep talking about how engaging and fun our live events are. While that sounds great to some people, others aren't so sure. But hold on. We are experts at personality differences (don't believe us? See Solving the People Puzzle), and we have designed our live events to appeal to a wide variety of people—even to those of us who aren't into the whole group thing. Our events are relaxed and low key and you can choose how involved you want to be. Give us a chance—we think you'll be surprised.
  • Won’t I feel silly using hand signs?
    Probably—but only for a few minutes. Trust us on this. Once the event starts you'll have fun, unaware that you are learning the major people, places, and events of Scripture.
  • What makes live events so great? What do you mean when you say live events ignite passion for God’s Word?
    Understanding God's Word is the key to making the connection between a God who is impersonal and far away and a God who loves you and wants a relationship with you. As you're learning God's story, you're developing insight into yours. That's what our live events do—they put the pieces of the Bible together in a way that connects with your head, heart, and hands. Don't just take our word for it though; read here for an example of how a Walk Thru the Bible live event changed a young man's life.
  • How long is a live event? When is the best time to have one? Sunday? After work? Weekends?
    otLIVE and ntLIVE can each be taught in 2.5 hours! The format for these hours is VERY flexible. Most people use a Saturday morning or Sunday morning/afternoon format, but we have taught events in a variety of timeframes. You may want to have the event all at one time, while others like to host them over five Wednesday nights. We'll help you figure out the best system for you.
  • What do we do after the live event? What’s next?
    Walk Thru the Bible is all about igniting passion for God's Word. We know that once that excitement is sparked, you have to keep it going. That's why we've developed God's Grand Story, a comprehensive six-week study that will take you deeper into the story of Scripture. Designed for small groups, God's Grand Story provides everything you need - DVD's for each age group, a guidebook chock-full of additional study material, and an assist for your pastor to bring the whole congregation around the study of God's Word. Visit our resource page to see all of our helpful resources!
  • Can we host a live event if it’s not for the whole church? What about a small group or Sunday school class?
    Walk Thru the Bible events are usually staged for the whole church unless a particular segment of the church has an interest. Often in a larger church, a small group or Sunday school class will be the sponsoring force for a church event. Our ministry consultants will work with you to determine the best structure for your group. Just fill out this form, let us know the highlights, and we'll call you to get started.
  • You really teach the whole Old Testament in under three hours and expect me to remember it?
    Yes, every single detail. Okay, that's not actually true. Not even close. We know the Old Testament can be overwhelming and confusing. That's why we break it down into the major people, places, and events. That's what you'll remember. Why is our approach so highly effective? Because it integrates several learning modes simultaneously, involving hearing, seeing, moving, interacting with others, and strategic repetition. You'll learn the big picture of the whole Old or New Testament and have fun doing it. We promise!
  • My church has a great spiritual growth/education program, so why should we work with Walk Thru the Bible?
    We believe everyone needs not only the details of God's Word but also the overarching story. We've worked with churches with large staffs and strong spiritual growth programs, and we've worked with churches with small staffs just beginning to start their programs. Whether your members are committed to the study of Scripture or are new to Christianity, the old adage holds true—there's always more to learn. Most people, wherever they are in their walk, understand some of the pieces of God's Word. Through our live events, we will teach them the big picture of God's story and provide a biblical framework so they can put the pieces together. This engaging live event will reinforce their Bible knowledge and rekindle or ignite a deeper passion to know and live God's Word.
  • What exactly is a Walk Thru the Bible live event?
    Great question. It's not a class, a typical seminar, or a boring lecture. It is, however, a highly engaging, dynamic, and memorable event that helps you understand God's Word and make the connection between His story and yours. In each of these events, a certified instructor will guide you on a virtual "walk" through the Bible. Whether you are learning the major people, places, and events of the Bible in otLIVE or ntLIVE, or meeting the people in the Biblical Character Series, you'll experience God's story like never before. Find your place in the story with our live events.

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