Experience the story of redemption like never before as this unforgettable event brings the New Testament to life.

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What if there was an event that could ignite your people’s passion for knowing & sharing the good news of Jesus?

While your congregation may know the events of early Christianity, do they know the full story of the origin of the church? What happened in the 400 years between the Old and New Testaments when the stage of the world, society, and technology was being set for the perfect moment to begin the next phase of God’s rescue plan?

Many Christians know stories about Jesus and are familiar with many of the events and people surrounding His life and ministry. But they often miss how God uniquely prepared an unlikely, ragtag group—a political activist, some fishermen, and even a tax collector—who often failed to understand what God was really doing.

Knowing the entire story changes everything.

The big picture of God’s grand story of redemption is found through the profound sacrifice of a caring God, who came alongside us to demonstrate His love in a way we could know, feel, and embrace (despite our own defiance). And to carry this legacy as followers of Jesus by loving people as He loved us, and sharing this good news with others.

Bring the Bible to life

When people have a baby, they tell everyone this good news, calling, sharing, and posting online. When people are promoted in their job, they’re excited to share with those they care about how this new change is something they’ve worked hard for and will make their life better. But, when it comes to the most important news there is, Christians are largely silent.

The very lives of those around us are at stake. It’s time to bring this story to life, to share the death-defying power Christ brought when He walked out of the tomb.

The disciples who abandoned Jesus when he was killed would have their belief restored as they took the mission and directives from Jesus to heart.

And then, the very man who harassed, attacked, and killed Christians meets Jesus and is instantly transformed into a believer. From that moment, God initiated his plan for getting the greatest news to all people.

It is the greatest story ever told. And ntLIVE brings it to life, involves participants in the story, and equips them to not only know it but effectively share it with others.

Once people see the vision of what Jesus came to do, how He did it, and how His followers carried the torch forward, they’ll be hard-pressed to contain their passion for sharing the gospel to those in and around their lives.

“I felt like I was living back in Jesus’ time just spending the day listening to teachers of the Word. ntLIVE was great. Thank you!” –ntLIVE Attendee

“We had over 500 attend the ntLIVE [New Testament event]. I can’t think of another way to reach so many of our people in such a fun way with such life-changing potential.” – Pastor Dave Palmer, Grace Chapel

“ntLIVE woke me up from my slumber. Nearly all my life I have longed for deep spiritual truth and teaching but everything else always seemed to fall short. Walk Thru the Bible has finally given me a concise, yet wonderful synopsis of God’s Word. The live event is the catalyst that has finally moved me on to a new journey. I praise God for directing me to this event.” – ntLIVE Attendee

During ntLIVE, participants see God’s rescue plan as the audience travels with the Apostle Paul across the world.

By the end of this powerful interactive live event, your people will learn 40 key people, places, and events — without taking notes. And, they’ll have fun doing it!

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