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Read Through the Bible in 2022

Read through the Bible in 2022 with us!

Have you resolved to read the Bible this year? We can help! In 2022, we’ll have Bible challenges and free tools to help you on your journey to make 2022 your Year of the Bible! We’re kicking it off on January 1 with our Genesis/Exodus Challenge! 

Reading through the Bible will help you grow as a follower of Jesus. An intentional plan will help you get into the regular rhythm of meeting with God every day, studying His Word, hearing His voice, and drawing closer to Him.

Join us on January 1 with our Genesis/Exodus Challenge! We have a free devotional PDF that will walk you through the books of Genesis and Exodus!

As you meet with God and read your Bible each day, your life will change. You will begin to love as Jesus loves. You will begin to see others through His eyes. You will view this broken world in a new way. You will begin to walk closer with Him. And so much more. Because the Bible changes everything!

Your Daily Walk

The Daily Walk is a system designed by Walk Thru the Bible to help you read the entire Bible in one year. This is the Bible reading plan that will get you through Leviticus!

The Daily Walk Devotional Podcast will help you listen through the Bible in one year. Each day’s episode features a devotional thought and a guided journey through that day’s reading.

The Daily Walk Reading Plan will help you read through the entire Bible in one year.

The Daily Walk Bible offers a simple daily reading plan and tools to help you complete the journey of reading through the Bible in one year. It’s a tool you will find many ways to use—and a tool that God can use in many ways in your life. Each day’s reading has an OVERVIEW that provides a bird’s-eye view of your Bible reading walk for the day; a MY DAILY WALK section that encourages you to think carefully about and apply one scriptural insight from the day’s reading; and an INSIGHTS section that offers interesting facts about the day’s passage to help build your Bible knowledge.

The Daily Walk Devotional Magazine also offers a simple daily reading plan and a daily devotion to help you in your journey through the Bible in one year.

Don’t feel discouraged if you fall behind in your reading plan. Remember, the beauty of reading the Bible is getting to know the Lover of your soul, hearing His voice, and learning His ways.


Find out more about the DAILY WALK and the Genesis/Exodus Challenge! Make 2022 your year of the Bible.

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