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John Newton (the preacher and hymn writer who wrote “Amazing Grace”) once said: “To read the Scripture, not as an attorney may read a will, merely to know the sense, but as the heir reads it, as a description and proof of his interest . . . herein lies blessedness.”

Indeed, Scripture is a gift from God to us. From parables to poetry, from a love song to a genealogy, from a talking donkey to a large fish that swallowed a man, the Bible tells the story of God. It tells us who God is, who we are, how the world came into being, how sin corrupted the world and us, and God’s plan of redemption through Jesus Christ. In its pages, God’s character is revealed, His love and judgment are revealed, His very Truth is revealed.

So, by reading the Bible as if we are an heir, we learn much about God, ourselves, and the world.

Journey with us through Scripture with the Daily Walk!

The Daily Walk is a system designed by Walk Thru the Bible to help you read the entire Bible in one year. This is the Bible reading plan that will get you through Leviticus!


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The Daily Walk Bible walks you through the entire Bible in one year! Each day’s reading includes portions of Scripture, an overview to give you a bird’s-eye view of the day’s reading, an Insight offering an interesting fact from the day’s reading, and My Daily Walk—a short devotion to help you reflect on and apply a specific insight from the day’s reading.

Every seventh day offers a pause on the journey as you are invited to Look Back over the readings from the previous week, Look Up to God, and Look Ahead to the reading to come.

Available in NLT and NIV.


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Read Chuck’s story

“A Lifelong Journey: Getting Beyond the Book of Ezra”

“It’s not about checking off the box each day or even each year. Every year, I learn something new and get to know Him better. It’s a lifelong journey.”

Chuck L. had read the Bible before—some of it anyway—and had found it interesting and helpful. In fact, he’d made it as far as the book of Ezra in a high school Bible study. But he kept losing his place, then his enthusiasm.

As a Christian, Chuck knew the Bible was important, and that he should be reading it regularly. But “should” doesn’t make a goal easier, and it doesn’t take the mystery out of God’s Word.

In 1990, Chuck moved to the Milwaukee area and got involved in a new church. “Cold, lonely, and needing something to do,” he took advantage of an announcement for a Walk Thru the Bible otLIVE event. “It sounded like it would be good for me.”

The instructor caught his attention from the first moment, and the memory techniques made it easy for him to put together those pieces that had long seemed so incoherent. The Bible seemed to come alive for him.

“The event helped spark a lifelong fascination with the Bible,” Chuck said. He has read through it every year since then, trying out different translations or even different languages each year.

At first he bought the Daily Walk Bible and found it to be a helpful follow-up to the event, reinforcing the overview of the biblical story and adding much-needed detail.

Chuck appreciates the Bible’s historical and literary qualities but he knows it offers so much more. He credits it with helping him understand God’s bigger purposes in the events of history;

with giving him a Christian worldview; with helping him through life’s most difficult seasons; with building his relationships with family, friends, and co-workers; and, of course, with cultivating his relationship with God.

That’s a lot of fruit from a church event on a cold and lonely night more than 30 years ago, but that’s the kind of impact God’s Word can have—especially when it finally fits together.

Read Lynell’s story
“My Daily Walk Experience”

“As I read the Daily Walk entry for the day, and then the accompanying Scripture, I sensed God’s presence.”

I grew up in church and, as a child, accepted Christ after watching a Billy Graham crusade on TV with my parents. I received a degree in Piano Performance in 1987 and then married my husband, Michael, who went on to become a high school band director for 26 years. He recently retired and is now pursuing a medical degree. I am currently a ministry assistant and the pianist at my church in Alabama.

I discovered the Daily Walk magazine through an online search. As a ministry assistant, I was looking for something that would encourage our congregation to read the Scriptures daily, so I was excited when I obtained permission to order the Daily Walk magazine for our church! I was already well-familiar with the Walk Thru name, as I had twice attended their incredible Walk Thru the Old Testament seminars – once as a child and once as an adult. I knew their magazine would provide a trustworthy Bible study.

In 2017, our church experienced a crisis–a bus crash that resulted in the death of one of our

students. As a ministry assistant, I had a front-row view of the devastation and pain that wracked our church. I was so angry at God. The more time elapsed after the accident, the angrier I became. I spent many nights on my bathroom floor (so as not to awaken my husband), crying and screaming into a pillow, trying to get my head around what had happened and struggling to understand why the lives of these wonderful people I loved had been decimated. I went through my days firing accusations at God: “Did You go out for a latte? Did You blink? Where were You while THEY were on a mission trip, doing YOUR work?”

After several months, I was depleted and spiritually gutted, and I was convicted about my attitude toward God. In the depths of my soul, I knew my limited spiritual vision could not discern His thoughts or ways. I knew I needed to be reconciled to Him. Through gritted teeth, I promised myself that, come New Year’s Day, I would begin the Daily Walk program of reading through the Bible in a year, no matter how much anger I still felt.

On January 1, 2018, I took a deep breath and read the first Daily Walk entry. Once in a while, during those early months, I would feel a little spark, sometimes from the Bible passage for the day, and sometimes from the magazine itself. I still felt anger, but I pushed myself to keep reading. There was such a wealth of wisdom in the Daily Walk writings that I began keeping those quotes in a notebook–historical tidbits and spiritual insights that made the Scripture come alive as I read each day. I never allowed myself to miss a day.

Finally, in June of that year, I had a breakthrough. As I read the Daily Walk entry for the day, and then the accompanying Scripture, I sensed God’s presence. I got on my knees and, in tears, raised my hands to Him in thankfulness and praise. That moment was the starting point for reconciliation–what a blessing to experience renewal that only God can give!

I have continued to read through the Bible each year, using Daily Walk. I’m on my third year in a row. I am ever amazed at the meaningful nuggets of wisdom and history gleaned from your magazine! I love to go back and re-read all the wonderful Daily Walk quotes I’ve collected.

This side of heaven, I will never understand the WHY of the bus accident, but I have come to the realization that there are no accidents with God. I am learning to trust Him even though I “see through a glass darkly.” I have Daily Walk magazine to thank for providing a wonderful study habit that I plan to continue for the rest of my life.