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Climb Mt. Sinai with Us!

You’re invited to climb Mt. Sinai with us! Join us for

otPANORAMIC the Tour!

When we were filming Walk Thru the Bible’s newest Bible study resource, otPANORAMIC, I remember thinking again and again, I wish more people could be here. I wish more people could experience what I’m experiencing.  I’ve read the Old Testament plenty of times. I’ve had the privilege of studying under world-class scholars. But retracing the storyline of the Old Testament from 7 mountaintops throughout the land of the Bible gave clarity to the Bible in a way I had never experienced.

And I want you to have the same experience.

otPANORAMIC the Tour is a distinctly Walk Thru the Bible experience. Not just another Holy Land tour, otPANORAMIC the Tour follows the story of God’s people, the Israelites—from Sinai to the wilderness wandering to the settling of the Land to the captivity, and more! From the Exodus to the Exile, you’ll learn what happened on 7 key mountains in God’s Story, how God met His people there, and the big picture of the Old Testament.

We’ll trace the footsteps of several Old Testament figures, crossing the same valleys they crossed and climbing the same mountains they climbed. As we do that, we’ll gain a wide, panoramic view of God’s work in history, and His story of redemption from Abraham to Christ.

The trip dates are November 3-14, 2023. You’ll go to 3 countries (Egypt, Jordan and Israel); climb 7 mountains, and spend 12 transformational days learning the big picture story of the Old Testament.

Find out more information about otPANORAMIC the Tour!


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