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What is otPANORAMIC?

otPANORAMIC is a 7-part Bible study filmed in the Holy Land that teaches the big storyline of the Old Testament perfect for either individual or small group use.

Do you struggle with reading the Old Testament? Do you feel like it’s too complex because of all those long names and unfamiliar places, or like it doesn’t apply to your life today? Do you struggle to see how all the individual stories fit together?

We will climb some of the most famous mountains in the Old Testament in order to help us better understand the big picture of God’s Word.  We will discover what happened on these mountains, how God intersected with someone’s life in a huge way, and why these events are so important to both God’s Story and ours, even today.

What’s included?

Included with otPANORAMIC are:

  • Seven 20-minute session for use by yourself or with a small group
  • 14 videos that teach the big story of the Old Testament
  • Study questions for each session
  • Bible reading plan that corresponds to each session

How do I access otPANORAMIC?

otPANORAMIC is available only on Walk Thru the Bible’s mobile phone application.  To access the study:

  • Download the Walk Thru the Bible application for your phone
  • Purchase otPANORAMIC in the WTB shop
  • You get unlimited access to all the resources (Streaming resources are found by clicking the “Engage” button in the menu at the bottom of the app

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