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Chosen – Perfect for Advent!


What do you do when life doesn’t go as planned? When God chooses you for His mission and calls you into the unknown?

Chosen, a four-week interactive Bible study from Walk Thru the Bible, sheds light on one of the toughest people in Scripture – Mary, the mother of Jesus. Though we all know her, we often put her on a pedestal or leave her in Bethlehem, defining her life by what she gave to the world, not by her walk through it. But Mary’s life – filled with joy and sorrow, honor and rejection – teaches us amazing truths about our own lives. This study humanizes a story you’ve heard so many times and gives us a different look at the woman who said yes to God’s plan.

*Perfect for Advent as a 4-week preaching series, or as a small group study or Sunday School series!

Available as a 4-session DVD series with a companion workbook and group discussion questions, as well as a teaching resources disc with teaching notes and PowerPoint, Chosen is perfect for Advent as a small group study, a preaching series, or a family study. Watch the amazing things that can happen when God chooses you!

Chosen is for women and for men! Mary’s life story has life-changing, eternity-impacting lessons for all of us!

Session titles:

  • When God Changes Everything
  • When You Feel All Alone
  • When Life Breaks Your Heart
  • When Life Must Go On

Workbook contains:

  • Fill-in-the-blank notes to help participants follow along and remember what they learned
  • Application questions
  • Group discussion questions
  • Leader’s guide

Teaching Resources disc contains:

  • Teacher training manual for the series
  • Teaching PowerPoint for the series

Special sale pricing of $99.99 for the Teaching Resources Bundle ends November 8, 2019.

*FREE for a limited time! — Place a Chosen order now and you will receive a free PDF download of Chosen preaching notes for the four weeks of Advent! These preaching/sermon notes are designed to preach through the series for Advent (vs. for a small group). When you place a Chosen order before 11.8.19, we will contact you with your free resource.

Get Chosen Today!

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