Step Into The Story Podcast

Boyd Bailey on the Wisdom of Scripture

Boyd Bailey was a business major. He had a natural entrepreneurial spirit, and he figured he’d probably go on to start a company someday. In a sense, this wasn’t very far off from what God had planned for him. But his life wasn’t going to look anything like he would have ever imagined.

Boyd Bailey is the founder of Wisdom Hunters, a ministry whose devotional emails help more than 100,000 daily readers connect with Christ. Additionally, he co-founded Ministry Ventures, which has coached more than 1,000 faith-based nonprofits, and serves as President of the Georgia chapter of the National Christian Foundation. In every capacity he serves, Boyd is delivering a much needed message to the world today—God uses His Word to mold us into the people He intends for us to be.

In fact, it was through recognizing his own need for scripture that Wisdom Hunters was born. Boyd explains, “I was having a roundtable with business guys, and I said, ‘Just out of my own quiet time, I’m going to start sending emails of what I think God is teaching me for my own accountability to spend time with the Lord each day and hopefully to challenge you to do the same.’” Before long, his email list had organically spread to 5,000 people. And then one day, through a set of circumstances only God could have orchestrated, Boyd got a call from the president of Family Christian, the expansive Christian bookstore chain. For two years, that organization sent a Wisdom Hunters devotion to over 5 million people every month.

15 years later, Wisdom Hunters reaches 86 countries and has impacted countless lives. Boyd is still amazed at how God uses the humblest of beginnings to accomplish such massive things. He says, “That’s how Wisdom Hunters was really launched—because one man felt called to get the Word out.”

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