Psalms Challenge

Read and study through the Book of Psalms

Step into God’s story with us as we walk through the Book of Psalms!

During the month of June, we will be reading through the Book of Psalms. We have several free resources that will help you in your study, like a Psalms Devotional (sign up below), a daily reading schedule, charts and study tools about the Psalms, and more!

We’ll be adding to this library of study helps throughout the month of June.

You can also listen through the Book of Psalms on our Daily Walk Devotional Podcast. It’s available for FREE on your favorite podcast app. Go here to sign up!

Free Devotional

Step into God’s Story with us as we walk through the Psalms. Fill out this form to receive a free devotional eBook that will guide you through this beautiful book of the Bible. (When you hit SUBMIT, page will reload. Scroll back here to find your download!)


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