Take a Walk Thru the Bible tour through Israel

You’ve experienced the Bible through our devotionals and live events for years. Why not experience the land of the Bible with Walk Thru the Bible? Our otPANORAMIC Tour and our Bible Lands Tours help to bring God’s grand story alive!

We have just announced a new tour called otPANORAMIC Tour. It’s a distinctly Walk Thru the Bible experience. You’ll follow the story of God’s people, the Israelites, from Sinai to the wilderness wandering to the settling of the Land to the captivity, and more. From the Exodus to the Exile, you’ll learn what happened on those mountains, how God met His people there, and the big picture of the Old Testament.

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Bible Lands Tours
Let an experienced Walk Thru the Bible Live Event instructor guide you as you spend ten unforgettable days in the Land, seeing first-hand where the stories you know and love actually happened. Not just another Holy Land tour, our distinctively Walk Thru the Bible Land tours help you see the big picture story of Scripture in a fresh, new way.

Walk where Jesus walked and experience the Story in a way like no other. You will never read your Bible the same way again!

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