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What if there was an event that would make the Bible come alive in a fun, creative, memorable way and inspire people to read it every day?

There is! Discover Walk Thru the Bible’s otLIVE and ntLIVE events!

We teach the big picture story of the Old or New Testament in a fun, interactive, exciting way that people remember… even years later! Through our biblical teaching of Scripture and our memory tools, we help people overcome obstacles to engaging with Scripture—like apathy, confusion, fear, and more. We help them to understand how Scripture—all the stories, the people, the events, the locations, etc.—fits together and the storyline of the Bible. And we provide a biblical foundation to show them how the stories in the Bible work together in the larger narrative of God’s grand story. And it’s in the big picture of the Bible that we understand His Word and we see His redemptive heart.

For more than 45 years, we’ve helped ignite passion for God’s Word and today, as Bible engagement has declined, people need the Word of God more than ever.

After the Walk Thru the Bible otLIVE or ntLIVE event, people remember what they’ve learned, they can tell the stories to others, and 75% of participants commit to read their Bible every day!

Live Event

When people truly engage with the Word of God, when they read it and study it on a regular, consistent basis, they know Him in a deeper way and grow in their relationship with Him. Lives are transformed; families are healed; communities are impacted; and God’s Kingdom grows.

Because the Bible changes everything.

What Exactly Does a Walk Thru the Bible Live Event Look Like?

Here is a short video segment of one of our master trainers, Terry Seamon, teaching otLIVE to a group of instructor trainees. This segment is taken from Session 1: Beginnings. (There are six sessions to an otLIVE or ntLIVE, each lasting about 30 minutes.)

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes Walk Thru the Bible’s Live Events so great? What do you mean when you say live events ignite passion for God’s Word?
    Understanding and reading God’s Word is the key to making the connection between a God who is impersonal and far away and a God who loves you and wants a relationship with you. By taking away the obstacles to understanding God’s Word and learning how to read and deeply engage with Scripture, people begin to understand the importance of Scripture to their walk with God. Our live events help to eliminate obstacles to reading and engaging with Scripture because they provide a framework, an understanding, of the Old or the New Testament, along with tools to help people remember what they learn. Our live events put the pieces of the Bible together in a way that connects with people’s head, heart, and hands. And over 75% of people who attend our live events commit to reading their Bible.
  • What do you teach in an otLIVE event?
    The sections of Scripture taught at an otLIVE event are taught in 5 sessions: (1). Beginnings [learning about the creation and fall, the flood and nations, and the four main people of Genesis—Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph]; (2). Wanderings [learning about Moses, the Passover, the giving of the Law, the Tabernacle, the offerings and feasts, the 12 spies, the 40 years of wandering, and the giving of the Law the second time by Moses]; (3). Promised Land [learning about Joshua and how he divided and conquered the land, the 12 Tribes, the Judges—Deborah, Gideon, Samson, and how everyone did what was right in their own eyes]; (4). United & Divided Kingdom (learning about Samuel, the united kingdom of Israel, then the kings: Saul, David, and Solomon; then how Israel became divided after Solomon’s death, the “bad” kings of Israel, and the ministry of the prophets]; (5). Captivity & the Coming Kingdom (learning about how the people of Israel are conquered and taken captive; how Judah gets conquered and exiled and then returned to the land; Zerubbabel and rebuilding the Temple; Esther, Ezra, Nehemiah, and finishing with “Wait…Christ."]
  • What do you teach in an ntLIVE event?
    The sections in Scripture taught during an ntLIVE event are taught in 5 sessions: (1). Jesus Comes; (2). Jesus Ministers; (3). Jesus Dies ... & Lives; (4). The Church Begins; (5). The Letters & Revelation. Participants learn about the stage God is setting between the Old and New Testaments (culture, society, language, etc.) for the perfect fulfillment of His redemption plan; the birth, life, miracles, ministry, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus; the establishment, persecution, and growth of the early church; Paul’s missionary journeys and the spread of the gospel; and Paul’s letters and Revelation.
  • What exactly is a Walk Thru the Bible Live Event?
    Great question! It's not a class, a typical seminar, or a boring lecture. It is, however, a highly engaging, dynamic, and memorable event that helps people understand God's Word and know the big picture story of Scripture. Our live events are taught and guided by a Walk Thru the Bible Certified & Trained Instructor. The teaching is biblical, completely scriptural, from a non-denominational point of view, and is a high-level overview of either the Old Testament or the New Testament. The instructor teaches sections from the Bible and then teaches hand signs (used as a memory tool) to help people remember what they’ve learned. Whether your people are learning the major people, places, and events of the Bible in otLIVE or ntLIVE, they will experience God’s story like never before. Consistently, after the event, more than 75% of participants commit to reading their Bible on a more regular basis.