2020 Global Virtual Summit

Thank you!

Thank you for your Intention to Give and your partnership with Walk Thru the Bible! Your gift will help people everywhere live … and love … God’s Word.

This year, by God’s grace and your partnership, we will serve more than 2 million people in nearly 130 countries. That’s more than 2 million people who will experience the Word through Walk Thru the Bible’s live events and biblical resources. That’s 2 million souls who will have the opportunity to engage with the Word and fall in love with its Author. And every day, it’s 2 million opportunities to make an impact and transform a life.

We know that when people encounter the living God through His Word, everything changes.

On behalf of people around the world who cannot tell you themselves: Thank you!

We will get in touch to follow up with you about your Intention to Give. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact Mitchell Ridgeway at (678) 578-5534.