2020 Global Virtual Summit

Partner with Us

At Walk Thru the Bible, our mission has always been to help people everywhere live God’s Word. We’ve always worked to make the Word understandable for people, not just accessible.

We also want more for people than just to be amazed with the beauty of God’s Word in a one-time encounter or event with us (although being amazed with the beauty of God’s Word is, well, amazing!), but to develop a lifelong love for the Word and its Author. We want to create Bible movements. We want to impact people’s lives for eternity.

Your gift will help us in our global work to reach the biblically unengaged, to inspire and encourage the persecuted, to train and equip the under-resourced pastor. But most of all, you’ll be bringing the life-changing power of the Word of God to people all around the world.

Because at Walk Thru the Bible, we know that the Bible changes everything.

*If you have any questions about giving or experience technical difficulties, we are available during and directly after the Global Virtual Summit. You can call (678) 578-5534. Thank you!