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otLIVE in a village outside Nhkotakota, Malawi

In the words of one of our Malawian translators:

“It was a funny journey of crossing big rivers over narrow bridges, pot holes, and slippery roads” to reach the village outside Nhkotakota, Malawi – which was where we were to present the otLIVE event. It is a village once described as far as from everywhere and near to nothing.

Our host was Pastor Mwandu from Bliss Ministries – a small church which operates out of a dilapidated clinic building. Pastor Mwandu is a man with a big heart for the elderly, for raising up leaders, for his community, and for the Word of God.

Our trio of a Walk Thru the Bible instructor from South Africa and two Chichewan co-teachers were humbled by the ceremonial greetings and also by the expectation of the people who began to fill the room. The seminar was held in one of the village school class rooms and the people made themselves comfortable on the carpet that had been sown from old flour bags.

The pastor had invited the whole village, as well as the headmen of the surrounding villages – and it was soon clear that this was a significant event in the life of the village. The people were excited to understand the Old Testament and how the books of the Bible fit together. There were old men and women, children and also the village chiefs doing the hand signs and enjoying themselves.

The village headmen and others expressed their enthusiasm for otLIVE:

“We’re leaders but we have never come across such a technique of illustrating the Bible. May the Lord be with you. May this also be the beginning of our literacy. Please lift us up so that we can see the light."

Even at the end of the seminar, the people were energized and could have kept going for much longer. We are grateful that the Lord’s work, however, is ongoing. In the week after the seminar, the pastor was faithful in following up all of the attendees.

In the words of Pastor Mwandu from Bliss Ministries:

You planted seeds and I have started watering. Ten members have been added to our church – among them a chief from another village – who was previously of another faith. The greatest testimony is that these people have not only joined Bliss Ministries, but have received Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. God has used the otLIVE seminar to anchor Bliss Ministries. May the Almighty God tremendously bless Walk Thru the Bible.”

Thank you to Lee & Brigette Helling; Walk Thru the Bible Southern Africa

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