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Majestic Wisdom

Read this excerpt from our devotional journey through the Book of Psalms. Today’s reading covers Psalms 135-139. To get the full devotional, CLICK HERE.

In Word

We’re amazed at the planning put into a successful event or a work of art. We can’t comprehend the talent required to write or perform a musical masterpiece or to dazzle spectators with precise acrobatic leaps. We’re mystified by scientific insights and the human ingenuity that has gotten us far out of our own atmosphere. We’re legitimately but easily impressed.

Yet we rarely appreciate our Creator as much as we appreciate human accomplishment. Perhaps we’re caught up in some lie about a universe of randomness. Or maybe we’re just too overwhelmed to begin to comprehend the creation. But dwell on the complexity of our world. Think about the amazingly intricate relationships between plant and animal, cell and atom, or galaxy and space. The complex symbiosis between all the elements in our universe is utterly staggering. The development of even one human brain—much less billions of them!—is beyond our understanding. The mathematical regularities of creation are inexplicable to human reasoning. The codings of our DNA, our Scriptures, and our cultures all point to a dazzling, brilliant, unfathomable Intelligence. God is a Master of design.

Think about that. Our God is the Creator both of macro-majesties and micro-marvels. Scientists tell us that all matter in the known universe at one time was pressed into one tiny ball of unimaginable density. The Bible tells us that God spoke, and that matter was formed and distributed by His word. It’s more than we can ever take in.

In Deed

But there’s more to the Creator’s purposes than this sense of awe we feel. This marvelous master Craftsman wove us together and ordained our days. He didn’t just throw this world into being; He breathed His creativity into us. Every one of us. Individually.

Knowing that, doesn’t His every thought become our holy passion? Don’t we need to treasure His ways? Could there ever be any greater pursuit than the wisdom of God?