God's Grand Story

A 6-week church-wide campaign designed to engage the entire church community in a deeper understanding of God's Grand Story revealed in the Bible! Programs available for Old and New Testament, adults, students, and kids.

God’s Grand Story campaign is designed to involve the entire church community in engaging in the grand story of the Bible and prayer on a daily basis for six weeks.

By understanding and applying God’s big story in community, we anticipate the following:

  • A habit of daily Bible engagement and focused prayer will be established
  • Participants will have a much deeper understanding of how all the parts of the Bible fit together—and be encouraged by God’s grand plan of salvation for all people
  • Small groups or Sunday School classes will be energized by engaging in God’s Word together with the entire church
  • Individuals coming to know Christ through this unique outreach opportunity
  • The whole church community will be transformed through the power of God’s living Word

God’s Grand Story Campaign consists of four major components:

  1. The God’s Grand Story churchwide campaign kicks off on a weekend with an otLIVE or ntLIVE Live Event.
  2. The live event launches a church-wide daily Bible reading and prayer adventure.
  3. Following the live event, adult small groups/Sunday school classes begin a weekly Bible Study overview of the Old Testament or New Testament via video/discussion-based curriculum.
  4. During the campaign, the pastor delivers sermons which tie into the six-week theme. Topics and sermon outlines are provided.

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