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When a marriage is good, couples grow and build a strong home. When couples are in conflict, however, there's not much that seems solid. When the battle rages, neither husband nor wife can be truly effective in any area of their lives. Children suffer, work is left undone, and growth – spiritual or otherwise – becomes a distant memory for both.

Understanding the Love of Your Life reveals that when marriage is harmonious, when a woman loves and respects her husband, when a man loves his wife as Christ loves the church, then a richness develops that not only blesses them but all who are touched by them as well. This is because the couple is in alignment with God's blessing, and bless them He will. Therefore, the goal is to understand your partner so that you can grow as a team and accomplish God's desire for the marriage.

So far, this answer is quite simple. The achievement of it, on the other hand, is often difficult. That's why is so important. This marriage conference offers a unique and refreshing opportunity to discover or rediscover how God has made you for each other and how teamwork in your marriage will take you to the next level and beyond.

This practical and comprehensive seminar begins by helping each person understand themselves. Through the use of a special personal inventory process, each man and woman learns which personality type they have. They gain insight into their strengths, weaknesses, and areas that need personal growth. By understanding who they are and who they are not, each person is able to recognize what they bring to the marriage and what they don't.

The second part of the conference helps men and women understand and relate to their mates in a better way. This part of the presentation will teach spouses to appreciate their partner. Each will look at how their spouse is different in these 12 distinct categories:

  • Relational needs
  • Basic motivation
  • Best environment
  • What they accept and reject
  • Major strengths
  • Major weaknesses
  • Behavior under tension
  • Value to the marriage team
  • Using time
  • Communication
  • Emotional response
  • Decision making

MarriedCoupleFinally, each man and woman will learn how to become more effective in dealing with their partners. By practicing versatility, which is adapting behavior to meet the needs of their mates, each man and woman will be accomplishing their desired ends by supporting the needs of their partners. In addition, they will learn key steps to become more flexible in dealing with their spouses; and they will learn practical ways to make their best intentions become reality.

This seminar is highly recommended for those who have been married for years, as well as for those who are engaged or recently married. Understanding the Love of Your Life doesn't give couples all of the answers, but it does show them the way to obtain the right answers for themselves.

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