2020 Global Virtual Summit

Pray the Flags

Together, let’s Pray the Flags!

Thank you for going on this global prayer journey with us! Walk Thru the Bible ministers in nearly 130 countries around the world, and we wanted to surround and cover these regions and countries with prayer for the next year.

“O Lord God of hosts, hear my prayer” (Psalm 84:8).

We have prepared a series of emails that will list each country’s prayer needs, as well as a picture of each country’s flag. Each Sunday for the next 52, we will send you an email with 2-3 countries to pray for over the next week. We will also pray for our global leaders, for the ministry in their areas, for their needs and the needs of their people, for God to impact more people through Walk Thru the Bible, for more people to fall in love with Scripture and its Author, and more.

God is always calling us as His people to come closer, inviting us into a deeper relationship with Him. One way we can do that is to pray, and He promises us that He will hear us. You’ve stepped into His story with us, and we look forward to going on this 52-week journey with you! Let’s pray together over the next year as the Walk Thru the Bible family for our regions and countries.

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