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Walk Through the Gospels with Us!

Gospels Challenge

Step into God’s story with us as we walk through the Gospels!

Walk through the Gospels with us! During the month of October, we will be reading through and studying all 4 Gospels. We’ll study about the life of Jesus–His birth, His words, His deeds, His miracles, His death and resurrection, and more. We’ll study about why there are 4 Gospels, compare and contrast the 4 Gospels, why Jesus tells parables and stories, and more.

The Gospels present the most significant biography ever written. Rather than one long narrative, the Good News is presented in 4 distinct accounts. Each account is penned by a different author, is set against a different cultural backdrop, and is intended for a different reading audience, but all focusing on the same unique personality of history … Jesus Christ.

In each Gospel, the author selects and arranges his material in such a way as to build a convincing case. The King of the Jews in Matthew must be able to trace His roots back to King David and to Abraham, the father of the Jews. The Servant in Mark must be instantly obedient to the will of His Father. The Perfect Man in Luke must be able to trace His roots back to Adam, the father of the human race. And the Son of God in the Gospel of John must be able to do things only God can do.

Four distinct views, one Good News. Four independent sources–a tax collector, a missionary, a doctor, a fisherman–all testify to the powerful truth that Jesus is Savior and Lord.

We have several free resources that will help you in your study, like a daily reading schedule, a daily e-devotional, a chart comparing all four books, some lovely printables, and more! You’ll also be able to subscribe to the Daily Walk Podcast to listen through the Gospels during the month.

We’ll be adding to this library of study helps throughout the month of October.

Download your free e-devo and find more resources and tools on our Gospels Challenge page. We hope that you’ll join us as we walk through the Gospels together!

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