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The Life of Trust

It was too early, and the alarm’s chirp was too cheery. Shuffling down the stairs, I sank onto the sofa. With a big yawn, I flipped my Bible open to Acts 16, where I read about Paul’s second missionary journey.

On the road, Paul had endured many hardships, angry mobs, and physical suffering; yet his gratitude for the grace that saved him and his desire to spread the gospel compelled him forward.

Through bleary eyes, I read that Paul had prayed over his itinerary but, for some reason, the Holy Spirit prevented him and his companions from entering some of those cities. Rather than questioning God, they just moved on. They let go of their plan and took hold of the Lord’s.

Paul trusted the Lord with all his heart. He leaned not on God’s understanding and submitted to Him, not just in this journey but throughout his life of service to the Lord. And God showed him the path to take. Paul was putting Proverbs 3:5-6 into practice before my eyes. Now I was awake. 

Worthy of Trust

At the start of Proverbs 3, the author advises his son to follow his instructions, based on God’s wisdom. He’s teaching his son—and us—how to live, and trusting in God is crucial. Trust means depending on or believing someone or something. I trust my car to start and my laptop to work. On a deeper level, I trust my husband to be faithful to me always.

Recently, I struggled mightily with letting our daughter go to college in a huge city far away. I know she’s in His hand, but He had to pry my fingers loose before I could let her go. I realized how much my trust needs to grow.

God tells us throughout Scripture (50 times in Psalms alone) to trust Him. He is all-powerful and all-knowing, trustworthy and good. His grace washes us clean; His Spirit guides us. We are His children, His delight. These are foundational truths but too stunning to fully grasp.

Through hard times of my life, like miscarriage, divorce, chronic pain, and grief, I see how God worked in those circumstances. He comforted and strengthened me. He brought beauty from ashes, as He promised. He has repeatedly proved himself trustworthy.

Not only are we to trust Him, though; we are to do so with our whole heart. He wants all of it. Fortunately, He works with what we offer Him. The Holy Spirit can take our desire, no matter how small, and grow it, and make our hearts like His.

The Solid Rock

We have limited knowledge, and it’s often skewed by our flesh nature, the world’s perspective, and Satan. But God’s understanding is infinite, His perspective perfect. His thoughts and ways are higher than ours. Leaning on Him means leaning on the solid rock, not a human construct that will crumble. He reveals Himself to us through prayer, His Word, the Holy Spirit, and wise counsel from other believers, and He gives us wisdom when we ask.

In All Your Ways

Paul submitted to God throughout Acts. He kept going on his journey, despite grave danger and spiritual attacks. He not only taught every day; he also worked hard to earn a living.

“Submit in all your ways” means surrendering to God every area of life: marriage, parenting, career, service, leisure. It means offering up our time, energy, heart, and mind to Him in big and small ways. It can be hard, yet when I think of what He has given out of His love for me, I want to reciprocate because I love Him too.

Where He Leads

The paths of our lives are often not picturesque. Mine has been made up of twists and turns. I have veered off the path, following rabbit trails of worry and what-ifs that lead to nowhere good. But He always welcomes me back.

Regardless of how our paths look, we can be sure of where they ultimately lead. Our lives have purpose, meaning, and hope that is firmly rooted in Him. He is on the journey with us, and ultimately, He is our destination, too. What a glorious sight that will be.

by LeAnne Martin

Freelance writer LeAnne Martin frequently writes for Walk Thru the Bible  and regularly writes about the beauty around us on her blog at www.glimsen.net.

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