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Never underestimate the impact of one well- equipped Bible teacher.

Every year, Walk Thru the Bible trains and equips nearly 17,000 pastors and Bible teachers in the world’s most under-resourced regions. In Africa, Asia, and Latin America, more than 80 percent of them have never received any formal training in leadership or theology. A severe shortage of training opportunities, coupled with the exponential growth of Christianity in the Global South, has created an urgent and growing need.

As we fill this need through providing equipping opportunities, we witness how God can use a single life to ignite passion for His Word in entire regions.

“By equipping one pastor, Walk Thru the Bible is making a difference in
10,000 lives.”

In rural Kenya, Pastor Bera is one of those individuals who is making an enormous impact. Here is his testimony:

 “Walk Thru the Bible’s training has been a wonderful resource for me and my church. The Old and New Testament overview events have simplified the study of the Bible and all our leaders understand it better. I am sure that they are now faithfully reading the entire Bible.

We usually meet every Friday evening and Saturday afternoon. Using the Walk Thru materials, we have managed to grow the leadership team to more than 50 leaders, and around 30 are actively involved in teaching in the church and schools around the community. This team is reaching more than 10,000 students and people every term.

Through the materials, we have also planted a church in a rural place called Kamasielo, around 40 kilometers from Kiminini Town, Western Kenya. The group started as a weekly meeting to discuss Walk Thru the Old Testament and Walk Thru the New Testament. The meeting attracted so many people from the area that they formed a church.

I pray that God will continue to bless Walk Thru the Bible for equipping us with these great materials.”

By equipping Pastor Bera with high-quality biblical resources, Walk Thru the Bible is directly making a difference in more than 10,000 lives every school term in western Kenya. When one person has the resources they need to teach the Bible and teach others to do the same, there’s no limit to the harvest their ministry will yield.

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