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The Bible in 50 Words

We love the Bible!

Every word, every phrase, every verse, every chapter. Books of history. Books of poetry. Books of prophecy. Letters, genealogies, parables, songs. The greatest love story of all. The grandest story ever! Reading it, studying it, living it—at Walk Thru the Bible, we can help. In fact, we help people everywhere live God’s Word. And we thought you might enjoy this little bit of poetry:

The Bible in 50 Words:

God made,
Adam bit,
Noah arked,
Abraham split,
Joseph ruled,
Jacob fooled,
Bush talked,
Moses balked,
Pharaoh plagued,
People walked,
Sea divided,
Tablets guided,
Promise landed,
Saul freaked,
David peeked,
Prophets warned,
Jesus born,
God walked,
Love talked,
Anger crucified,
Hope died,
Love rose,
Spirit flamed,
Word spread,
God remained.

©2021 by Walk Thru the Bible

You can download “The Bible in 50 Words” here.

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