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Start the New Year with Scripture

At Walk Thru the Bible, we love … well, the Bible! We want to help you dive into Scripture in 2021. Here’s a question for you: Does your behavior with the Bible match your beliefs about the Bible?

It’s a new year, and as believers, we all want to commit to diving into Scripture like never before. In reality, we know this is easier said than done. We also know that when we dedicate ourselves to reading the Bible daily, we will see our lives transformed as we read and hear the inspired Word of God.

Walk Thru the Bible wants to help! That’s why we’re kicking 2021 off with a four-part video series of tips and best practices to assist you in building the daily discipline of reading God’s Word. Michael Gunnin is your host for this WALK THRU VOICES series.

Here’s the Introduction, where Michael tells a funny story about the most disgusting thing his son wanted to take to preschool in his lunchbox for lunch:

Here is Part 1: READ BIG, where Michael challenges us to see the work God will do in our hearts when we read more than a few verses at a time:

Have you made New Year’s resolutions this year? Have you broken any of them yet? One key to staying in Scripture is to find other believers to read and study it with you. Here is Part 2: FIND COMMUNITY.

In Part 3: PRAY THE SCRIPTURES, Michael talks about letting God’s words inspire your prayers.

Have you ever listened to the Bible? In Part 4: LISTEN TO THE SCRIPTURES, Michael talks of how In the first century Greco-Roman culture, there were public reading events where literature would be read to the people. Paul exhorts Timothy in 1 Timothy 4:13 to “devote themselves to the public reading of Scripture.” In 2021, don’t let busyness keep you from the Word of God.

You can listen through the entire Bible in one year with the Daily Walk Devotional Podcast.

It is our prayer that 2021 will be your year of the Bible! The Bible changes everything, so let it change you.

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