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Sharing the Story of otLIVE

Sergey and Inna share a passion for sharing the truth of God’s Word with their community in Ukraine. Sergey is an insurance agent, while Inna works as a nurse. Both of them view their jobs as an opportunity to make new friends and share the gospel. Their colleagues have responded positively to their witness by asking follow-up questions about the Bible. In these conversations, Sergey and Inna have struggled to answer questions related to the Old Testament. Because of their own lack of knowledge, they didn’t feel like they could explain biblical themes in a cohesive way. They thought about taking seminary courses but couldn’t spare the time in their busy schedules.

When the church they attended hosted otLIVE, Walk Thru the Bible’s overview event of the Old Testament, Sergey and Inna immediately registered to participate. They left the event excited to put their new knowledge to use. “All the previous biblical knowledge we had from sermons, books, and preachers was not systematic,” they said. “otLIVE put all this knowledge together and gave us a unified biblical story.”

Sergey struggled with understanding how to explain prophetic books in the Old Testament. “But after otLIVE,” he shares, “the prophetic books became clearer to me because I learned about the audience and message of particular prophets. I have a more clear understanding of God’s character and people’s inability to become better without Christ. Thanks to otLIVE I’m fully aware that every book of the Old Testament leads to Jesus Christ.”

Recently, he’s put his newfound knowledge to use in his workplace. One day, he was consulting with a client about life insurance when the client, named Valentin, joked about the futility of insurance when the insured and uninsured both died in the end. Sergey, always ready to share his faith, steered the conversation toward the good news of the gospel. When he learned that Valentin was Jewish, he was able to point him to Christ through the Old Testament. “My clearer understanding of the Old Testament helps me to point to the helplessness of people to reconcile with God,” Sergey says. “The law reveals us the high standard of God’s holiness, and prophetic books show that a person without God’s initiative and grace can do nothing to receive His favor.” According to Sergey, Valentin was surprised to hear his people’s story in the gospel. Their conversation has continued since that day. Now Sergey is reading through the book of John with Valentin, slowly leading him toward Christ.

Sergey and Inna are eager to continue sharing what they’ve learned. “otLIVE has empowered us in our outreach to coworkers,” they share. “It helped not only us but the people we serve!”

Find out more about Walk Thru the Bible’s otLIVE and ntLIVE–our big picture live events that tell God’s grand story of the Bible in a fun, interactive, and memorable way! These events are taught all over the world: from Sri Lanka to Ukraine, from Malawi to Honduras, from the UK to the US, and more!

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