#11: Theology Meets Business with Steve Graves

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Steve Graves has a job that’s a little hard to define. Put simply, he’s a consultant and advisor for CEO’s, businesses owners, and entrepreneurs. But in reality, that description doesn’t begin to cover all the aspects of this career he’s created for himself. Steve works in the intersection of theology and business, helping leaders use biblical principles to successfully guide their organizations. Listen as he reflects on how the Bible has changed his life and the lives of the thousands of people he’s consulted with.

#10: Jennifer Rothschild on Trusting God’s Word

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On this episode of Step Into the Story podcast, Phil talks with prolific author, songwriter, speaker, and teacher Jennifer Rothschild. At the age of 15, Jennifer found out she was going blind, a diagnosis that seemed to spell out the end of her dreams, plans, and independence. Instead, God had a beautifully rich and impactful life in store for her, one that has taught her above all things to rely on His grace and His word. Today, she has ministered to countless people through her story, which serves as a reminder of God’s enduring faithfulness for His children.

#9: Todd and Susan Peterson on Finding their Calling after the NFL

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In today’s episode, Phil talks with former NFL kicker Todd Peterson and his wife Susan about their time in the NFL and the incredible mission God called them to after. For most people, a career as a professional athlete would be the highlight of their lives, but for the Petersons, it was just the launching pad to something greater. Hear them discuss their incredible work with Bible translation and their goal of ending Bible poverty around the world.
Find out more about the amazing organizations they work with here:

#8: Bill Newman: Chaplain of the Appalachian Trail

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In this episode, Phil talks with Bill Newman, the unofficial chaplain of the Appalachian Trail. When he first hiked the trail 20 years ago, Bill had no intention of ever doing it again. But as he kept crossing paths with hikers who needed to hear about the love of their Savior, he found God was placing a call on his heart that would change his life forever. You’re going to love this strange, inspiring, and miraculous story of Bill and his one-of-a-kind mission field.

#7: Jeanne Hendricks on a life of service

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Phil talks with Jeanne Hendricks about the joys, struggles, and ultimate rewards of a life spent in service to the Lord. For over 65 years, Jeanne and her husband, Dr. Howard Hendricks, worked side by side in ministry at Dallas Theological Seminary. They impacted the lives of countless preachers, teachers, and missionaries, including Chuck Swindoll, Tony Evans, Bruce Wilkinson, and our very own Phil Tuttle. Jeanne is an author, speaker, and as you’ll find in this podcast, one of the best conversationalists you’ll ever hope to meet. Listen as Phil and Jeanne reflect on the lessons God has taught her over 94 years of life!

#6: Dr. Craig Gourley on growing from a place of brokenness

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Phil talks with Dr. Craig Gourley about learning from God in the midst of brokenness. Before 2012, Dr. Craig Gourley’s life was going better than he ever could’ve hoped. He was an award-winning OBGYN who loved his work and was more financially stable than he’d ever been. Then, he had his first seizure, and his life would never be the same. Listen as Dr. Gourley talks about the painful but ultimately beautiful process of losing stability, status, and ego in order to gain something far more important—an understanding of his dependence on God.

#5: Boris Volkov on facing the Valley of the Shadow of Death

Phil talks with Boris Volkov, Walk Thru the Bible’s Regional Director in Northern Eurasia, about facing the modern world’s greatest fear—a COVID-19 diagnosis. Boris shares the experience of fighting for his life, the fear of receiving a terminal report, the pain of saying goodbye to his family, the comfort of a community of believers, and the miracle of his healing.

#4: Sid Webb on losing—and finding—everything

Phil talks with Sid Webb about how he lost everything—his home, office, possessions, doctoral research papers, everything he owned—in the Black Forest wildfire in Colorado, June 2013. It was the worst fire in Colorado history. “We drove out of our life that morning, and that was it. We had our car and the clothes on our backs,” said Sid. Over the next few weeks, as he and his wife sifted through the ash that was their home, God ministered to him in many ways, especially with Scripture. Learn how you can find your true story in God’s Story.

#3: Aaron Keyes on leading people in worship

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Phil talks with worship leader/songwriter/teacher Aaron Keyes about leading people into worship, writing worship songs, and teaching and training a new generation of worship leaders to become more biblically empowered worship pastors. Aaron’s heart is to restore the Word of God to the foundation of corporate worship. Listen as Aaron talks about how he needs the Word of God in this fleeting, ephemeral world.