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Philippines Update 4 (2019-11-13)

Today’s update is once again from our VP of International, Rich Leland. Rich has been to the Philippines several times but it’s been 18 years since his last visit.


Today, Gil and I, along with five of our country directors from this region, drove to the Biblical Seminary of the Philippines. The trip took 1 1/2 hours to travel about 10 miles. You can do the math to calculate the speed of Manila traffic!

What a vibrant, faith-filled place this is! Dr. Uytanlet Samson, the dean of students, met us at the door. It was reunion time when I discovered that I had trained him in our WTB New Testament course nearly 20 years ago.

Then, President Antony Hoa filled us in on their educational ministry. They have 120 students, 60 of them online. Of their present student body, 50 of them hail from mainland China. All of these intend to return home upon completion of their studies. They will be watched by government authorities but they have boldness in their veins and confidence in the Lord that He has called them to pastor in their homeland. Their picture below reflects their need for anonymity.

I had the honor of speaking in chapel on the subject of Christian leadership. After a hearty meal prepared by the seminary cook (who has been with the school for 29 years), Wilson led the Chinese students through our otLIVE event. This was the first time otLIVE has been taught using our new Mandarin translation. It was amazing!

This school itself is incredible! Their alumni are now serving Christ in 24 of China’s 26 provinces. Please pray for them!

Can you picture the potential of WTB partnering with BSOP to help equip these strategically placed students?! What an incredible opportunity!

Keep on praying, brothers and sisters. Your earnest and effective prayers for WTB are being answered by God!


Rich Leland is SVP of International for Walk Thru the Bible. 

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President's Updates

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President's Updates

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