President's Updates

Kenya Update 2 (2020-02-26)

Here’s another of our Africa leaders you’ll be thanking God for! He’s Isaiah Nshimirimana. That last name means, “I thank God.” He is a 37-year-old dynamo for God from the nation of Burundi. He grew up in a Christian home and came to faith in Jesus at age 10. By his 18th birthday he was memorizing amazing amounts of Scripture and preaching in his church. Isaiah is married with three children and another on the way.

He began teaching Walk Thru just one year ago, and he is now WTB’s national director with a team of 10 assisting him. His big goal is to assist untrained pastors in his country—90% of Burundi’s pastors have no Bible training. Isaiah is thrilled with our initiative of developing a pastors’ institute to provide these under-resourced church leaders with a sequence of our courses. The prayer of his heart is that God will use him to cover his nation with WTB courses resulting in a strengthened church and bringing spiritual life to his country and neighboring Rwanda.

So how motivated is Isaiah? Let me tell you! He has spent the last two nights translating Chiseled into Kirundi, the Burundi language. He will teach it to 700-800 people from different denominations gathering together in the eastern part of his country this weekend! You can imagine how motivated he is during our training!

Please pray for our brother, Isaiah, that God will answer his fervent prayers!

Rich Leland is our VP for International.