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For Kathy Kim, engaging people with the Bible is no easy calling. Her husband pastors a church whose members are more educated than enthusiastic. “They say they’re too busy to read the Bible,” she shares. “They say that it’s boring. They read it more as a ritual. I don’t see any hunger for God’s Word.”

Kathy and her husband serve first- to fourth-generation Asian-Americans from Korean, Filipino, Chinese, and Vietnamese backgrounds in McLean, Virginia. After serving in youth ministry for many years, they felt called to plant a new, family-focused church two years ago.

In their first years of leading a church, Kathy was trying to think of ways to engage young people with the Bible when God brought Walk Thru the Bible to mind. “I attended a Walk Thru the Bible live event in my 20s and fell in love with the whole idea of learning the Bible in chronological order and getting your body involved,” she says. “I decided to become a certified instructor for Walk Thru the Bible as a way to trigger hunger for the Bible in our young people.”

Kathy is encouraged by the feedback from her teaching so far. She recently led a multi-generational group from her church on a two-day Bible retreat, where she taught otLIVE, Walk Thru the Bible’s event that uses hand motions to help give an overview of the Old Testament. “They had heard the stories but were never able to put it together,” says Kathy. “The motions really helped. People were telling me after that they understand now. Some of them had shied away from the Old Testament because it seemed more graphic and less enjoyable to read. But when they saw how it applied to the New Testament and how Jesus is in all of it, they got a different perspective.”

Kathy is looking forward to teaching otLIVE again in her church and in other churches in the Washington, D.C., metro area. “God has given me a heart to help non-white churches learn God’s Word,” she says. “My heart is that everybody God asks me to help would really become engaged. What excites me about teaching is opening people’s minds and making them want to know more.

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Stories Of Impact

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