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Fear Not: Jesus Is in the Storm with Us

What is Jesus doing while we’re in this storm? Is He even there? Does He care?

God has a much bigger agenda in mind than just fixing our circumstances. We know that with His voice alone, He can calm the storm. And because He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow, we can look to Him.

Here are some things that Jesus is teaching me right now.

Video: Jesus Calms the Storm

We believe that Walk Thru the Bible is needed now more than ever, and that God has uniquely positioned this ministry for such a time as this. We help people everywhere live God’s Word … because the Bible changes everything.

The Word of God is ancient yet contemporary; an unchanging rock, suitable for all times and places and people. It keeps us grounded when the whole world shakes; gives us hope when the situation looks hopeless; brings us light in the darkest of times. And we can stand firm and unafraid in His promises, knowing that yes, He will carry us through even this.

Phil Tuttle is president of Walk Thru the Bible.