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Closer Walk Devotions 2024

What you may have previously known as the Closer Walk Devotional Magazines are now back and better than ever as “Closer Walk Devotions 2024“!

Closer Walk is designed to help you read through the entire New Testament in a year. At an easy, manageable pace, you’ll go deep with the help of timeless devotional messages from such esteemed theologians as Charles Spurgeon, C.S. Lewis, John Wesley, Matthew Henry, Oswald Chambers, and so many more. You’ll even learn a little about these historical figures and their walk with Christ.

As you study, you’ll find Old Testament references in the New Testament passages. You’ll see God’s plan of salvation unfold through the pages of His Word. And you’ll be encouraged to worship as you encounter the living Christ through the pages of Scripture. This little devotional is packed with helpful and meaningful tools to help you grow in your faith.

IMPORTANT: This product is only viewable using the Walk Thru the Bible App. Learn more.

Learn more & purchase by visiting our store: https://www.walkthru.org/product/closer-walk-devotions-2024/

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