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Bible Study Simplified

Bible Study Simplified

Join us for Bible Study Simplified!

BIBLE STUDY SIMPLIFIED is our new, FREE series on how to study the Bible for yourself!

Have you ever wanted to study the Bible for yourself, to really take a deep dive into Scripture, but you didn’t know how or where to start?

We as believers need more of God’s Word than just what we get on Sunday or what we’re taught by someone else in a small group study or Sunday school class. And at Walk Thru the Bible, we often hear questions like, “How do I actually study the Bible on my own? Where do I start?” and more.

Our new, FREE, streaming series, Bible Study Simplified will help to answer those questions (and others) with a simple process that will help people study and engage with Scripture on their own.

Bible Study Simplified includes an introductory session plus four 14-minute sessions:

  • Introduction to Bible Study Simplified
  • Session 1 – READ: Learning to Read the Bible Well 
  • Session 2 – EXPLORE: Discovering What the Bible Says 
  • Session 3 – EXPLAIN: Understanding the Meaning of the Bible Passage 
  • Session 4 – APPLY: Letting the Bible Change You 

Additionally, we’re providing a free downloadable guide that viewers can use again and again as they study Scripture for themselves. The Bible Study Simplified Guide shows the four steps—Read, Explore, Explain, Apply—as well as the process for Bible study … simplified.

At Walk Thru the Bible, we know that Bible engagement is the number one way that we grow in our relationship with God. Our prayer is that by showing people how to study God’s Word, the Bible will change hearts, lives, and eternities.

Watch Bible Study Simplified at any time, and on your own, with your family, or with your small group. Find it here:

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