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The story of Walk Thru the Bible

Everyone searches for purpose. Why did God make us? What’s in His heart for us to do? Where do we fit into His plans? And no one discovers their own story until they learn about God’s. But everyone has one.

A young seminary student named Bruce Wilkinson realized that few people knew the whole story of the Bible and that there weren’t many ways to teach it effectively. So, as part of his master’s thesis, he created the Walk Thru the Old Testament   live event to teach the story of the Old Testament in only one day. As he taught in local churches and schools, he realized the program’s impact—people got excited about their “aha” moments, when they suddenly saw the big picture of the Bible. By seeing God’s story, they understood how they fit into it. They developed a lifelong passion for God’s Word.

Bruce and his team soon realized the huge need for an organization that simply focused on God’s Word—not just teaching the facts of Scripture, but helping people live it out. So, in 1976, Walk Thru the Bible was born.

The Old Testament event helped ignite a passion for God’s Word, but helping people sustain that passion required more. We began to publish devotional magazines and the Daily Walk Bible that continue to help people spend time in God’s Word daily. We developed topical resources on marriage, parenting, finances, leadership, effective teaching, and living out the Christian life.

Today, we publish three devotional magazines and a wide variety of small group courses and topical studies. Available in books, workbooks, small group studies, DVDs, and CDs, there is something for everyone. Live events and small group studies like A Biblical Portrait of MarriageSolving the People PuzzleRaise Up a Child, and The 7 Laws of the Learner have helped people around the world apply biblical principles to all areas of their lives in a realistic, relevant, life-changing way.

Much of our story involves what we have done, but where we have done it is just as much a part of who we are. Originally, we worked throughout the Southeastern part of the United States. The impact expanded to include the whole of the United States, then the United Kingdom, then India, then Ukraine, then . . . well, it just kept going.

As Walk Thru the Bible grew, we began partnering with global leaders. Under the leadership of Chip Ingram, who succeeded Bruce, and Phil Tuttle, our current President, we’ve expanded to a network of 11 regional directors who are helping people live God’s Word in nearly 130 countries. From business leaders in Singapore to pastors in Ghana to high school students in Paraguay, our leaders are working each day to help people fall in love with God and His Word and find their place in His story.

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