biblical-portrait logoDoes the Bible have anything to say about marriage today? Many people don't think so. Even some pastors will tell you that the Bible in regards to marriage is outdated. However, it is only when the Biblical principles concerning marriage are understood the way God intended them - not the way society has interpreted them - that husbands and wives can find true confidence and freedom in their roles and God-given joy in their union.

A Biblical Portrait of Marriage is an exciting adventure of evaluation, challenge, and lasting life change. No matter what level of maturity or happiness a marriage is on, the clear guidelines, vivid examples, sobering warnings, and wise counsel of this conference will enrich the relationships between husbands and wives on many levels. For single adults, it will create an undeniably clear, Biblical roadmap for choosing a godly marriage partner.

Issues such as dealing with in-laws, dividing household chores, managing finances, and building communication skills are all addressed using God's instructions. By the time A Biblical Portrait of Marriage is over, spouses will leave encouraged and confident in the special role God has created for them in their marriage, or their marriage to be.

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