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7 Laws of the Learner

Welcome to a revolution in teaching!

Join Dr. Bruce Wilkinson as he shares The 7 Laws of the Learner. But be prepared—your teaching and your students will never be the same!

Whether you teach in a church context, Christian school, public school, in the home, or on the job, The 7 Laws of the Learner will equip you to accomplish God's purposes for education—the transformation of lives by meeting needs through the accurate communication of the essential truths. This video series provides a total training experience.

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7 Laws of the Teacher

Transform your teaching

Transform your teaching through proven methods handed down by the late Dr. Howard Hendrick, beloved Professor and teacher to many of today's great Christian leaders.

7 Laws of the Teacher will renew your thinking about teaching and unleash your effectiveness as a communicator of biblical truth.

The 7 Laws of the Teacher is an exceptional and affordable teacher training series that's ideal for instructing small group leaders, Sunday school facilitators, home school and professional teachers, leadership teams, and pastors.

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Teaching with Style

Discover what your students want you to know, but are afraid to tell you

Have you been commissioned by God to teach?

The person who teaches with a prepared heart has a passion to communicate—nothing can quench that desire! Passion is manifest in a love for students, and is borne out of a deep sense of commission from God. This teacher is doing the right thing by teaching—and knows it! The person whose heart is prepared is a person who teaches with style. By the grace of God, you can be that person!

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