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The Testing of Your Faith, with Dr. Bruce Wilkinson, is part of the Walk Thru the Bible Classic Series.

Join Dr. Bruce Wilkinson as he teaches the Biblical truths about what happens when God sends a test of faith into your life, and how to stand firm and allow God to bless you through these tests when they come.

In this study you'll discover transformational truths that answer challenging questions. Why we are tested? What are the five wrong responses to tests? How are we to live while being tested? How do we trust God and have peace during trials? How does a Christian build his or her faith during a test? How do I successfully pass a test of faith?

Come away from The Testing of Your Faith filled with a fresh confidence and trust in God's plan for your life.

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Testing of Your Faith

Testing of Your Faith Classic DVD Series

Trust in God's plan for your life


Testing of Your Faith Classic Study Guide

Trust in God's plan for your life

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