If you think of all your relationships – those at home, at work, at school, or at church – as thousands of pieces of an unsolved puzzle that you have to put together, then you know what is your greatest need. You need the box top with a picture of what the solved puzzle looks like. Without it, nothing makes sense.

That's exactly what Solving the People Puzzleis all about. It shows you how temperaments fit together. It doesn't solve the puzzle for you, but it does show you how to solve it for yourself.During this powerful five-and-one-half-hour seminar, participants discover insights about themselves and what motivates them to do the things they do. They'll come to understand that God has made them for a purpose, and their uniqueness is part of His plan for their lives. By better understanding themselves, they'll be able to see how they fit into their own "people puzzle" and the "people puzzle" of everyone else in their lives.


During the seminar, participants will experience many moments when puzzling situations in their lives suddenly "click" into place. It's just like a piece of the puzzle fits. They don't have to force it because it's exactly where it's supposed to be. And more importantly, they'll learn they can't force a piece to fit when it doesn't.

All of this is exactly what Solving the People Puzzle conference will do for attendees. They'll gain a whole new picture and prospective on life. Self-discovery will be much easier, as men and women learn to understand others and what motivates them. Best of all, however, is this: They'll learn how to improve each and every relationship in their lives.

  • Self-Discovery: Using a highly effective personality discovery tool participants will learn about their own God-given strengths and talents. They'll improve relationships and recognize that God has given them the freedom to be exactly who they are. This realization also will encourage the freedom to allow others to be exactly who they are.
  • Understanding Others: Each person will gain a much clearer understanding of those they love and those with whom they have problems, because they'll be able to recognize what is motivating them.
  • Improving Relationships: Because attendees will better understand themselves and others, they will have some practical skills at their disposal to build stronger, healthier, and more godly relationships. This will make each believer's goal of loving and serving others much easier to accomplish.

PeoplePuzzle-2As you can see, Solving the People Puzzle is a very practical conference which will benefit just about anyone who has "eyes to see" and "ears to hear." Solidly founded upon scriptural principles, the skills obtained can benefit the participant for a lifetime. All areas of life will improve, and those who attend will learn to solve relational problems which used to baffle them. The ultimate benefit is that each person will be able to see where their piece of the puzzle fits.

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