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What If There Was An Event That Could Actually Inspire Your People To Read Their Bible?

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A large number of churchgoers are confused about the Old Testament, with many Jesus followers wondering (often without saying) why they’re carrying around the Hebrew Scriptures with their New Testament. They may even think it's not relevant to them and should be dismissed altogether. 

Should the Old Testament just be excluded?

Others who see the value in these historic Scriptures are overwhelmed with how much is in there and how to effectively navigate it. They may have no idea that God’s redemptive plan started in Genesis!

Shouldn’t they just stick to reading the biographies of Jesus and Paul’s (among others) letters to the church?

Others are fearful of being unequipped to respond when questions from their friends and unbelievers about the Old Testament are thrown at them. How can they help share with others if they don’t understand how it all works together?

Should they just continue avoiding the Old Testament?

Lacking an understanding of the Old Testament, many Christians find themselves demotivated or unable to read these sacred Scriptures. In other cases, they steer clear of the historical books, but by doing so they miss the beauty, the majesty, and a deeper understanding of the heart of God.

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The Old Testament provides us with powerful inspiration, and principles for our life, but what’s most amazing is the origin story of God meeting all people on a human level. The Old Testament is essential for understanding the events in the New Testament: why Jesus had to come and the part He played in God’s grand story of redemption.

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In the centuries following Jesus’ resurrection, followers of Jesus wanted to better know Him and the Scriptures he taught with such authority.

From Confusion To Clarity

What seems shrouded in mystery and confusion are the origins of humanity, a promise between God and a man, and a binding agreement between the creator and his chosen people. otLIVE sets the stage, and attendees can see and actively participate in the story!

In two and a half hours, we’ll help demystify the Old Testament with a fun and exciting event that teaches the big picture of the Hebrew Scriptures. Attendees will learn the major events of Jesus’ family history, and how those play an important and vital part of God’s Grand Story. Understanding the Old Testament is knowing God better, and they’ll learn it in a way that they will remember long after the event.

While our showcase interactive event will equip participants to know and share God’s rescue plan for humanity, it will also ignite a passion for reading God’s Word, revitalizing their walk with Jesus.

Join Millions Of Inspired Christians Now Passionately Diving Into Their Bibles

75% of participants commit to daily Bible reading following the otLIVE event! When people know and understand the larger story, they're highly motivated to dive into the Old Testament for themselves.

Both participants & pastors rave about the power of this focused, interactive teaching event that’s reached millions of people around the world. Here are just a few of the countess impacted lives.

“The live event was probably the best, deepest, and simplest teaching I have ever received in my 32 years as a Christian. I would recommend and endorse this for any church, denomination, or individual. Fantastic!” —Pastor Steve Dixon, Freedom Fellowship

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“My church experienced one of the most beneficial opportunities of our years in ministry. Little did we know that God would use this ministry to change lives, alter attitudes, and inspire hearts. We found ourselves captivated. The otLIVE event renewed the interest of our people to immerse themselves in the Word of God. It is every pastor's hope and goal that his people would desire for themselves that God would directly speak into their lives through His Word. Walk Thru the Bible provides one of the proven methods for accomplishing that goal in an exciting way.” – Senior Pastor, Dr. Tony Evans, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship

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“With a growing number of unchurched families attending our campus, yet knowing Bible engagement is a key catalyst in spiritual growth, we needed to better familiarize our congregation with the Scriptures. Walk Thru The Bible provided our families with a fantastic journey through the Old Testament. The high-energy training was filled with laughter, inspiring teaching, and unforgettable lessons about our Creator. When the afternoon session ended the only question being asked was, "When are they coming back to do the New Testament?" Dave K. Smith, Willow Creek Community Church Executive Pastor

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"Your team hit a home run with otLIVE." - Max Lucado, NYT Bestselling Author & Oak Hills Church Teaching Pastor

Take The Next Step: Ignite Passion For Bible Reading In Your Congregation

Give your people the opportunity to remember the Old Testament, be confident in answering questions about these Scriptures, and the ability to share it with others in just a few minutes.

Let’s talk about improving Biblical engagement in your church and share how otLIVE inspires your congregation in a fresh and exciting way. Fill out the form below to begin exploring the details.

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