A Higher Perspective

chris tiegreenby Chris Tiegreen

“Hallelujah! For our Lord God Almighty reigns. Let us rejoice and be glad and give him glory!” (Revelation 19:6-7)

Are you beaten down by circumstances? The antidote to our depression and anxiety is surprising to many. But those who have put into practice the prescription of Scripture have found an amazing truth: Praising God lifts us above our trials and reminds us of how He overcomes them.

Why does that work? It’s a matter of perspective. When we focus on the turmoil of life and the weakness of our flesh, we get discouraged. When we focus on the problems of the day and the people who seem to oppress us, we get intimidated. Our praise reminds us of who God is. As we worship Him, the threats and burdens that weigh us down grow smaller and He grows bigger—at least in our own eyes. The thought of an exalted God who is entirely on our side is an awesome inspiration.

We don’t find that perspective in our minds very often. We have subtly but persistently trained our minds to think negatively. We don’t feel like praising God when the bills are overdue or our loved one is lying sick in the hospital. We don’t even feel like praising Him when our lives have gotten mundane and we’ve gotten restless. Perhaps we mistakenly think that our praise is based on how much of His power and love we’ve seen today. It isn’t—or shouldn’t be, at least. It is based on who He is. And He is who He is all the time. For that, we can praise Him. All the time.

That might sound like a platitude, setting us up for insincerity. How robust will our praises be when life has beaten us into the ground? We could end up mouthing the words without ever passing them through our hearts, and we know that’s wrong. But we must try. The more we worship, the more we see who He is and the more sincere our worship becomes. And our perspective jumps from one lowly, impossible place to the side of the God who reigns, both now and forever. Our praise opens our eyes to the truth of the situation: God rules.

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Andrea A Anderson 17.01.2019 23:53  
Aniexty and depression Yes No   I like to learn to control my aniexty and my depression  
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Chandler Bridges 04.01.2019 22:37  
power in praise Yes No   Merlin Carothers has books on the Power of Praise. Have you read them? You sound like him.

I thought of an image from your post. "..when life has beaten you down..." I saw, in my head, a nail and a hammer..being beaten down by hard blows (of life). I considered James 1:2 and your post. When we are beat down by a heavy hammer, we are squshed right into our great, powerful God (all the wood surrounding us=God's love & assurance!)
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trisha n 22.05.2018 16:20  
A Higher Perspective Yes No   you nailed it again chris... :):):)
i am a worshiper and TOTALLY AGREE with everything you shared!!!!!!!!
worship has a lot to do with gratitude and i am ever soooooooooo grateful!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!
worship allows you to SOAR... for all the world to see!!!!!!!!!!!! !!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!
if you are Heavenbound...that alone is enough reason to worship worship worship!!!!!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!
see you at the Supper, Chris!!!!!!!!!! !!!!! !!
Until the Trumpet sounds,
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