11 Jobs Later

2018 05 article2Car salesman. Bakery manager. Truck driver. Cattle breeder. In total, 25-year old Simeon Saunders worked in 11 different jobs before he entered pastoral ministry.

“I didn’t find peace or joy in any of them,” he remembers. “I was never satisfied that I was living my life to the full. I had known at an early age that I was called to ministry, but I was running away.”

As a pastor’s son, Simeon knew the challenges that came with the job. In his home in Pretoria, South Africa, he watched his father struggle to provide for the family and balance his pastoral responsibilities with family life.

In his most recent job as a foreman on a farm, Simeon gained an undeniable conviction that God was calling him to pastoral ministry. After 11 jobs, he was finally ready. Now he is a full-time theology student at a seminary in Pretoria, and his life has never overflowed with more joy.

“As a full-time student preparing to enter ministry, God has opened doors and provided for all my needs in such a way that I cannot doubt his calling on me,” he shares.

One of the ways God has provided for Simeon and prepared him for his pastoral calling is by introducing him to Walk Thru the Bible. Simeon first learned about Walk Thru the Bible back in 2010 as a student at a Christian arts school that presented several Walk Thru the Bible courses.

image 1smThis year, Simeon joined a group of student pastors in Johannesburg at a live event that taught Detour, Walk Thru the Bible’s biblical resource on the life of Joseph in the Old Testament. Simeon resonated strongly with Joseph’s story of ending up in an unexpected place at a young age. “I spent seven years running away from the ministry—something of a detour!” Simeon expresses. “I learned through Detour that God’s timing is never going to be anything like my timing and that I am to be patient even when I can’t see God’s work in my life.”

Simeon believes that God is calling him into young adult ministry, so he sees enormous value in teaching young people the story of Joseph, especially those who are suffering or unsure about trusting completely in the Lord, as he once was. “God has shown me time and again that He has allowed certain things in my life so that my testimony can be cultivated and made strong,” Simeon has realized. As he shares his testimony with the young people to whom he ministers, he values resources like Detour that “bring biblical principles into real-life situations.”

By attending a Walk Thru the Bible event, Simeon learned to connect his own story of detours and disobedience with Joseph’s story, and ultimately, God’s larger story of redemption. Now he feels more ready than ever to help the young people he meets to dive deeper into the Bible and discover a God they can trust in life’s most painful detours.

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Rolly M. Ancheta 24.05.2018 22:31  
Hermeneutics Yes No   I want to learn more how to make a powerful and anointed sermons. Could you please provide me a material about this subject.
You are blessed.
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