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Living God's Word
Living God's Word - April, 2018

chris tiegreen

Reflecting Sovereignty
by Chris Tiegreen

“You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good.” (Genesis 50:20)

We aren’t sovereign. As much as we try to control our environment—and we really try hard sometimes—all it takes is one little catastrophe to prove to us that we can’t. So if our calling is to reflect God’s attributes, and God is sovereign, how can we fulfill our calling? Should we try all the harder to exert control over our world?

Of course, we can’t do that. It’s true that God gave us authority over aspects of His creation (Genesis 1:26), and He also...

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2018 04 article2

A Very, Very Good Blessing

Yusef looked over his shoulder before answering the question. It didn’t seem to matter that he was safe within the walls of one of our conferences in Jordan, thousands of miles from his home in Mauritania. He’s used to taking precautions. He doesn’t talk about Christianity in his country without being very careful.

“It is very difficult,” he whispered. “When they ask if you are a Christian, if you say yes, maybe they kill you, but maybe they do not. Just pray for us.”

It isn’t illegal in Mauritania to be a Christian, though it is officially a Muslim country that closely monitors any attempts to proselytize. But unofficially, cultural pressure is intense, and the dangers are real.

Yusef attended our annual Middle East/North Africa (MENA) conference a

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Change The World: Pray


This month, please pray for the following:

  • Praise God for moving powerfully at our African regional conference in Ghana. Leaders from all over the continent received training to teach Revolution, our new biblical resource on the life of Josiah.

  • Praise God for opening the door to reach new countries with His Word in 2018.

  • Pray for our African leaders as they teach Revolution in their local communities. Pray that God would use their message to ignite passion for His Word and invite people to commit their lives to Him.

  • Pray for our upcoming regional conference in Ukraine as leaders from Europe and Central Asia gather for a time of fellowship, training, and ministry planning. Pray for travel safety and a productive, encouraging program.

Thank you for praying with us! We'd love to pray for you too. Please send your prayer requests to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Please don't forget that we offer free resources on our website that will help ignite your passion for God's Word.

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