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Daily Walk Bible

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The Daily Walk Bible has a 365-day reading plan that makes it easy to stay on track while deepening your understanding of Scripture. Through overviews, insights, devotions, and a weekly "Look Back, Look Up, Look Ahead" section, you'll find it easy to grow deeper in your journey with God's Word each day.

3 Ways to Impact Your Life with The Daily Walk Bible

1. On Your Own

Spend time with God. Nurture your walk. Listen for Him to speak to you as you read each day's passage and reflection on His Word. With the new layout, you can start any day of the year. Begin your journey today.

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2. With Your Small Group

Read the Bible during the week then come together in small group or Sunday school to discuss the reading. Sharing the experience has proved to be a transformational encounter with God's Word for many small groups. It's impactful to read the Bible on your own, but to discuss the reading with your peers provides the opportunity to delve deeper, understand more clearly, and impact your walk in an exponential way. Get your group started today!

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3. As a Congregation

Impact your entire congregation! Launch a whole church Bible reading movement and you'll impact every person in your church. Add to the impact by preaching each week on the daily reading.

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An Excellent Way to Kick-off Your Daily Walk Churchwide Campaign...

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