President's Updates

India Update (2019-01-14)

Happy New Year to you and Happy Birthday to me! I’ve spent a lot of birthdays in India, but this year I’m home as we’re celebrating a delayed Christmas and three January birthdays with our whole family. That includes our first grandchild, Ava Mae, who is 10 months old and is beyond precious.

Our South Asia training conference started yesterday in Hyderabad, India. Rich Leland, our International Director, and veteran instructor Jerry Hull, are there to lead the training with Vallab Sathyabal, our Regional Director for South Asia.

Here are a few pictures and a quick update from Rich to help you pray accurately.

For a New England boy, January in India is a shock to the system. My body expects snow and cold, but now it’s experiencing 85 degrees and sun. It’s the fellowship experience with amazing brothers and sisters, however, that outweighs everything else.

Jerry Hull and I are in the city of Hyderabad with Walk Thru the Bible Directors from 5 nations in South Asia, along with the twenty leaders of India’s various zones and states.

We are training these leaders in the latest of Walk Thru’s Biblical Character Series, Chiseled. We follow Peter as Jesus sculpts his character, as well as ours, to look more like Him. Jerry is training some enthusiastic children’s instructors to teach otLIVE. More from Jerry will be coming your way.

The reception to Chiseled has been powerful. These veteran instructors let us know that God changed some major things in their lives through this course. Just imagine what will happen as this teaching spreads!

One of these leaders is from Nepal. I’ll call him “George” (obviously not his name). “George’s” journey took 48 hours, which is more than twice the length of our trip from the States. He took an all-night bus from Kathmandu to the Indian border, then a train for 36 more hours. It was a perilous journey.

“George” experiences peril at home as well. A new law in Nepal makes sharing one’s faith illegal and punishable by jail. Yet “George” is eager to return home and start teaching!

Many of these Walk Thru instructors are willing to take risks in order to be trained. Certainly, there is risk and peril, but also great reward. As these leaders train hundreds of teachers, who in turn teach thousands of people, we expect well over 1 million in South Asia will be reached again this year.

Thank you for the vital help you extend to Walk Thru the Bible. Your willingness to contribute allows “George” and many others to continue God’s program of chiseling His people in South Asia, and around the globe, to become more like Jesus!