India Update #2

2017 01 09 1

Day one of our South Asia conference is in the books and it was wonderful. It was also intense.

I suppose that shouldn't surprise me since everything in India is intense. The traffic patterns are intense. The colors in the beautiful, flowing saris are intense. The cacophony of honking horns, Muslim calls to prayer, and one billion people doing life in a space one third the size of the U.S. is definitely intense. And maybe most of all, the delicious spicy food is intense -- even when they look Ellen in the eye and promise her it's mild!

So even though today was our first day together, it was intense. The hunger to learn what we came to share about marriage was palpable and so motivating. This group loves stories, and they crave transparency.

Remember, the talks we are sharing are not primarily to communicate new content, but to motivate and facilitate vulnerable conversations between each husband and wife. That's pretty counter-cultural but so very needed in this part of the world. Usually it would take a couple days to break through such cultural resistance, but they made huge progress on day one.

2017 01 09 3Ellen's time with the women in the afternoon also went very well. She and her translator had excellent chemistry, which is always a big answer to prayer. People bond so quickly with Ellen wherever we go and I love to watch it happen. When she gave each woman a picture of our family you would have thought she was passing out 1,000 rupee bills. It's so humbling to hear people on the other side of the world say they pray for our ministry every day. Now they are also promising to pray for our family. What a precious gift to us!

While Ellen was with the women, Sathyabal and I listened as each national and zonal Equipper shared their numerical and spiritual results of the past year. God gave me a major insight as I listened to their reports that I'll share with you tomorrow.

It's late here and we have a similar schedule tomorrow so I better get to sleep. Please continue to pray with intensity. No other kind of prayer seems appropriate in a land where everything is intense. 2017 01 09 4 2017 01 09 5


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