Ukraine Update #2


Today I yield the floor to Rich Leland. Rich “retired” after pastoring 32 years on the island of Nantucket just in time to begin leading our international ministry last October. While this is a new role for Rich, it’s simply the next step in Rich’s 36 years serving with Walk Thru the Bible. He’s been training instructors all over the world for years, and already has the respect and trust of nearly all our current international leaders. Enjoy!

In this ancient city that straddles the Dnieper River, something else historic is occurring this week. Walk Thru the Bible’s newly constituted team of Regional Directors is laying plans for our next thrilling step forward serving people with the message of Christ.

I am so proud of this band of leaders from around the world. It is my privilege as VP of International to work side by side with this incredible group. We’re taking Walk Thru the Bible to the next level of “helping people everywhere live God’s Word.” The people in this room are experienced servants of our Lord. We went region by region today sharing the number of years each of us has served Jesus through WTB. Can you guess the total years represented in our room? Over 300!

International LeadersInternational LeadersInternational Leaders

This morning Phil spoke of our new vision toward fulfilling our mission. It is the audacious goal of doubling the number of lives we impact within the next three years! It may seem audacious to us, but it is not so to our all-powerful, people-loving God.

Our directors are from Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Northern Eurasia, South Asia, East Asia/Pacific, Central Africa, Southern Africa, South America, Central America, and North America. And what a team this is! Please pray for God’s choice for a new director for the Middle East/North Africa region. With all the political, geographic, economic, and cultural differences, you would be blown away by the palpable sense of oneness. This sense of unity isn’t just being part of a common cause. It goes beyond that. The mysterious working of the Holy Spirit is present among us.

I wish you could experience our joy and excitement walking through what God is doing in each of our regions. Alejandro, representing Central America, rejoicing over what Stephen sees as the future in Central Africa. Or Boris from Northern Eurasia getting excited about Gil’s report of God’s work in East Asia/Pacific. And on and on it goes!

We actually believe the truth of Scripture, “the earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it.” We not only believe it but we’re living in that reality. The plans we’re setting are reachable with God’s help. And you are part of this through your prayers and gifts. Please pray that as we move ahead this joyful and purposeful momentum will continue to grow. Thank you, from around the world!

-Rich Leland

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Ken Fransen 16.04.2019 13:46  
Update Yes No   Thanks for the update. Really exciting to see what is happening around the world!  
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Carol 19.07.2019 22:02  
Prayer Yes No   Reading all the Lord is doing strengthens my trust in Him. I know your prayers must be effective so I am reaching out to ask for prayer for my marriage, but especially for my husband's heart to be softened to the things of God once again. Currently he has expressed that since he knows he is saved from hell, then he is content with that and willing to disregard God's will for our marriage in favor of his own will. This includes moving away from me to go live and study in China, leaving in August.  
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